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Kibone Energy Balance

Foundation Of Wellness

Kibone therapy emphasizes the energy balance in one’s body and the energy balance of whole body is the foundation of wellness. The balance of energy in whole body constructs the mechanism of basic functions of body and each organ. Especially, it activates the function of each bone to stimulate metabolism.

Human Body Is Light, Vibration, and Frequency

In ancient eastern medicine, meridians ( pathways of Qi) were treated properly for one’s wellness knowing that the balance of yin and yang is the essential part of human life. Kibone therapy understand that human body consists of light, vibration, and frequency. They are closely related to functions of human bones and each bone has its functionality for human wellness and cure of diseases.

Non-invasively Treated. Result Guaranteed

Kibone therapy uses non-invasive and relaxing method to heal. Dr. Hosan found the unique medical devices that is safe and effective. The devices use natural mechanism to stimulate the bone functionality by connecting energy points around and in the bones. He created Kibone points to replace acupuncture needles, but powerfully work to enhance energy balance and flow. It is very effective to cure pain issues or to fix malfunctioned meridians.

Three Major Kibone Methodology

Kibone points are used to heal or improve energy flow ( meridian pathways) in the body. Balance and circulation in the body is the main focus of Kibone. The methodology can be also used for pain management, injury prevention / recovery, and age repair. Kibone is the answer to natural healing and wellness.

Energy Balance & Circulation for Relaxation

Water Circulation to Detox & Rejuvenate

Blood Circulation to Increase Metabolism

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